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Invest in large-scale properties | Mexican REITs

By César Rubalcava

September 25, 2019


Today, real estate investment trusts in Mexico, better known as Mexican REITs, are very attractive among investors. This is due to the fact that thanks to their profits, the higher real estate valuation, and their ease of investment, they achieve outstanding returns.

Starting to invest in this instrument can shield you against market volatility, why? By generating profits through leases in the medium and long term, there will always be dividends to be distributed among investors.

What are the types of real estate managed by Mexican REITs?

Among the large-scale properties owned and managed by Mexican REITs, you can find:

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential projects
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals, among others

Fibra MYT is built on an optimal management for each of the assets we operate. We do this process to maximize the value delivered to CBFI holders.

A cornerstone of our approach is an orderly growth structure. We believe that an investment with growth potential is only profitable if it brings additional returns per CBFI or strengthens our portfolio. For this reason, all our properties have a risk-return ratio that leads to greater profitability for all our investors.

Our properties

Throughout our history, we have acquired several outstanding properties and portfolios in the country. So far, we have 59 properties under management with a 96.5% occupancy.

By investing in Fibra MYT, your investment will be safe as it will be in a regulated and audited environment to guarantee complete transparency and a superior return on your money.

Among our most noteworthy properties we have:

  • Prometeo building
  • Patria building
  • Casona and Providencia portfolio

Please click here to browse our entire property portfolio.

As you can see, Mexican REITs offer you a stable investment alternative. The fact that you can participate in the real estate market on the BMV and have access to a diversified range of properties, locations, and a large number of tenants, make this instrument a very profitable option.

Invest in Fibra MYT and make your money grow! Contact us through our website.