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Investing in Mexican REITs | Wondering what to do with that extra cash?

By César Rubalcava

September 25, 2019


Achieving financial freedom is one of the biggest concerns for everyone once a certain stability is reached. After securing a good job or winning a great business, the next step is finding out how to make most effective use of the money to ensure a financially secure future. Fortunately, today the solution is very simple: invest in Mexican REITs.

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), known as FIBRA in Mexico, is an investment vehicle used to acquire assets in bulk to manage them and subsequently generate profits for investors from leases of each property.

Increase your wealth

A good way to increase your wealth is with Fibra Mty. Investing in Mexican REITs is very easy and you can rest easy knowing that your money will be placed in one of the most historically stable markets in Mexico: the real estate market.

Investing in Fibra Mty is very easy:

  1. The first thing you should do is open an account with a broker. Bear in mind each firm has different commissions, minimum opening amounts, and options for trading investment instruments.
  2. Then, you must deposit a specific amount of money to start trading.
  3. Using the funds in your account, you can proceed to buy Real Estate Trust Certificates (Certificados Bursátiles Fiduciarios Inmobiliarios, “CBFIs”) by placing a purchase order with an agent or from an online platform.
  4. After purchasing your CBFI, you will start receiving periodic cash distributions that are transferred directly into your investment account.

You can use your earnings for new investments or withdrawn from your account at your discretion.

There is no better time to invest

To invest in Fibra Mty there is no minimum investment amount, the transaction can be made from 1 CBFI. In addition, cash distributions that are defined as "capital reimbursement" and the realized gain on sale of CBFIs are tax-free.

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