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Mexican REITs, a new real estate investment model | FMTY

By César Rubalcava

September 25, 2019


In Mexico, real estate investment projects are a great opportunity to safely grow our money. This is because they are an investment option that entails lower risk and stable diversification for sound financial growth compared to similar investments.

Are you ready to invest in real estate?

To better understand the context in which any real estate investment works, it is necessary to know the business purpose of this financial strategy.

When we talk about real estate, we are referring to assets such as office buildings, industrial buildings, among others.

Some of the conventional ways to invest our money in real estate are buying & selling and leasing. However, this implies that we must spend some of our time and income on administrative and operational matters. To name a few of the typical expenses for conventional property investments are legal and notary fees, as well as appraisals to carry out the transactions. Once the property is acquired, the owner is responsible for carrying out the maintenance, paying the property tax, insurance, and making the necessary improvements for the rental.

With that in mind, there is a real estate investment model that offers a more attractive yield compared to other financial instruments, does not require a large capital investment, and has multiple advantages for investors in terms of easing and improving the quality of their investment.

We are talking about Mexican REITs (known as FIBRAs in Mexico), which allow investors to participate in the acquisition of real estate to obtain profits from their leases and capital gains.

Among the main advantages are: a flexible divestment (you can buy and sell easily); an experienced and professional team that directly manages the properties; and transparent disclosure (there are quarterly operational and financial reports) and with prices publicly available.

This opens up a new window of opportunity with a lower-risk investment and the possibility of diversifying our investment portfolio.


Fibra Mty is an entity specialized in acquiring and managing a portfolio of high-quality corporate real estate in Mexico. Thanks to its internal management scheme, it has eliminated the traditional commission structure, which translates into a higher return for investors.

Mexican REITs are a way to manage money responsibly and obtain an attractive return on investment at the same time.

Investing in real estate has never been easier!

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