Internal Manager

Structure aligned with our investors

Fibra Mty was established in 2014, for the purpose of acquiring, managing, and developing a high-quality real estate portfolio in Mexico, focused mainly on office properties.

Fibra Mty’s administration and its real estate assets are the responsibility of Fibra MTY, S.C., whose main objective and activity is to internally manage the Trust, aligning the interests of our investors with those of the issuer. This structure allows the elimination of proportional fees and commissions (to the assets’ size, acquisitions, market cap, and similar aspects). As a result, there is only a fixed operating expense required to administrate the Trust.

The Internal Manager cannot be replaced as administrator of the Trust and the real estate assets. However, the Technical Committee may renew or replace the Internal Manager executives, following the recommendation of the Nominating Committee.

Among the functions of Fibra Mty’s Internal Manager are:

  1. Fibra Mty’s operations and any real estate trust of its own, including:

    1. Receiving and managing resources and the operation of Fibra Mty’s accounts, as well as any accounts opened in the real estate trusts

    2. Preparing reports, notifications, bulletins, and other information and documentation that shall be arranged and filed with any government authority or disclosed to the public in accordance with applicable laws and contracts

    3. Delivering to the Trustee (Banco Invex, S.A., Institución de Banca Múltiple, Invex Grupo Financiero) all instructions, notifications, and bulletins covered by the Management Contract and Trust Contract, or any contract that highlights a real estate trust

  2. Performing investments and divestments, either directly or indirectly through real estate trusts

  3. Managing real estate assets, including the administration of properties and any other service to be provided to such properties

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