Portfolio information

Fibra MTY has and will continue to invest in properties with high yield and a high potential for repositioning in relation to a better and greater use than that which they currently have; in other words, a focus on properties that have re-development capacities in the short and medium term, with the possibility of integrating projects and properties whose value could increase with a corporate or commercial project. Furthermore, a continual effort is made to focus on those markets that have registered high economic growth during recent years and offer attractive business opportunities.

Below is relevant information about the assets that comprise Fibra MTY’s property portfolio:

Properties details

  • 1) Includes the OEP Torre 1, OEP Torre 2, and OEP Plaza Central assets
  • 2) Includes the Neoris/GE, Axtel and Atento assets
  • 3) Properties located in Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Guanajuato
  • 4) Metropolitan area of Mexico City
  • 5) OEP Torre 2’s common area converted into 91 m2 of GLA
  • 6) Excludes 17,261 m2 of GLA due to the beginning of the conversion of the “Cuprum” building, to achieve a higher and most efficient utilization
  • 7) As of July 1st, 2019, the lease of the “Zinc” property began, with a total GLA of 19,623 m2

Third Quarter 2019 Earnings Release

3Q19 total revenue amounted to Ps. 302.5 million, up 29.3% when compared to 3Q18.

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