Fibra Mty growth is based on an optimal management of its carefully selected assets, which combined with the following four pillars, allows us to maximize the value delivered to our investors in a feasible and sustainable manner:

Aligned corporate governance. Fibra MTY’s corporate governance structure was designed in accordance to Best Corporate Practices as well as international standards, where the interests of our Internal Manager are fully aligned with those of our investors. Furthermore, our Technical Committee maintains a “non-staggered board” structure, which is a flexible scheme that allows our CBFI Holders Meeting to keep or modify the structures where important decisions are taken.

High-quality portfolio. We follow a quality principle based on the complete satisfaction of our tenants, which is reflected in long-term contracts and, thus, in predictable cash flows. Similarly, we seek to build a diversified base of tenants, with properties in different markets that make strategic sense and meet our investment criteria.

Balanced capital structure. We believe that a flexible mix of equity and debt, strengthens our development and, thus, the profitability of our CBFIs. Therefore, we strive to maintain a balanced financing structures for our investments. Since we have credit lines with prepayment options, our follow-on offerings will be aimed towards the acquisition of new properties and / or the repayment of liabilities, while maintaining an adequate level of distributions.

Organized growth strategy. We think that an investment has growth potential only if translates to an additional return per CBFI. Our growth investments will not only include the acquisition of new corporate properties, but also certain developments and capital investments in our existing properties that allow us to improve profitability. It is important to note that we will invest in developments which have very specific features, always prioritizing the maintenance of stable flows of distributions:

  • Properties that have attractive risk-yield ratios

  • Properties with potential for repositioning to other uses

  • Properties with high profitability and low operating costs, preferably with NNN lease structures

  • Projects designed and built to suit for partial or total leasing to high credit rating tenants

  • Sale and leaseback of properties for large national and multinational companies

We are currently evaluating the possibility of investing in the main markets of Mexico, such as Monterrey, Saltillo, Tijuana, Mexicali, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, San Luis Potosí, León, Querétaro, Toluca, Guadalajara, Puebla, Mexico City, Mérida, among others.

In Fibra Mty we seek for investments that diversify our regional coverage, strengthen our tenant base, minimize our overexposure, either by user, market or segment; optimize our assets, and reduce the operating costs of our properties. Aimed to achieve tangible benefits for our investors.

Vision 2020

Third Quarter 2019 Earnings Release

3Q19 total revenue amounted to Ps. 302.5 million, up 29.3% when compared to 3Q18.

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