Invest in FMTY

In order to invest in Fibra Mty securities, first you need to open an account with the brokerage firm of your choice, this will serve as your connection to the stock market. Before doing so, we highly recommend you review and compare all the possible options regarding commissions, minimum opening deposit as well as the different tools offered by each brokerage firm with the aim of easing investment tools trading.
Once you have opened your brokerage account, the next step is to fund your account by depositing money in it. This will get you started with the trading of investment tools.
After you have deposited funds into your account, you may start to acquire Fibra MTY CBFIs, there are two ways to do so:
1.- By sending a purchase order to your Broker or Agent
2.- Directly from your online account. (It is worth noting that this tool is not available in all brokerage firms. Also, please make sure you fully understand how your online platform works before carrying out your first transaction).
Owning Fibra Mty certificates turns you into recipient of recurring cash distributions, which are directly deposited into your brokerage account. You may use this cash at your discretion, whether to acquire more certificates and therefore increase your profit or withdraw it according to your needs.

Third Quarter 2019 Earnings Release

3Q19 total revenue amounted to Ps. 302.5 million, up 29.3% when compared to 3Q18.

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